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Dear colleague!

The international Conference "The system approach, system methodology and their practical applications to resolution of problems in Israel and in Middle East" proceeds on the site

Our Conference is a response to the current intellectual situation: in it the features of general intellectual crisis are visible. We are not inclined them to dramatize in the same measure, as well as to ignore.

There is no necessity to list lingering and destructive conflicts between social layers, ethnic, religious, cultural groups etc. - they at all in a sight. Also are known of a different sort of organization, are proclaiming at the purpose "unity of the people" and "mutual understanding". Those not less, the situation continues to become aggravated. The intensive application of political and legal ways of the conflicts resolution nor gives of results. Similar, we have collide with a situation, which by a usual, traditional way cannot be solved. Apparently, for this purpose the special ways and means and, first of all, mental are required. Today we can not tell - what and which, in it essence of crisis. But can fix their deficiency and attempt them to develop and to apply.

We hope, that, having familiarized with the contents of a site, you share our belief in necessity for Israel of development in various directions and spheres of activity, as and in that measure, in what we can present the conflicts as points of potential public changes, at the expense of which they (conflicts) can be solved.

We also are convinced that the overcoming of intellectual crisis becomes one of the important resources of development, and that it is quite possible for carrying out. The Conference and preparations, anticipating it, should become a first step on ways of searches of concrete directions and points, ways, resources and practical tools of development. On our site you will find more items of information on a Conference, its sense and conditions of participation.

The statements analytical and problematization of character are important, which in the certain degree will set frameworks of the contents of the Conference. It is very important to receive an authentic general picture of our situation. Therefore we would like to offer you to prepare and to transfer for the site a material to a theme: "Israeli/world situation in (specify a sphere of activity, in which development you are interested): analysis, problems, prospect ". Besides we hope for your consent to enter into structure of Organizing Committee of the Conference.

We look forward to your reply.

We ask to acquaint your colleagues with the contents of this letter.

Connection with us:, phone/fax: 03 9320224, 04 8326765.

With the best regards

Organizing committee