Circular #1

Dear colleague!

The international Conference devoted to development of the system approach, system methodology and their practical applications to the decision of problems specific to our region, is carried out on this site.

We would like, that the Conference became a first step on ways of creation of constantly working authoritative not political and not governmental Organization promoting initiation and realization humanitarian and others innovations in the field of education, economy, culture, engineering, science, ethnic relations etc. in Israel and Near East. We hope to discuss at a Conference necessity and ways of creation of such Organization, and also principles and contents of its activity.

Two indispensable conditions of participation in Conference: submission of articles conforming to spirit of the Declaration , and participation in controversies on introduced on the site to articles.

In case of the principle consent to take part in a Conference, we ask you:

1. As soon as possible to notify us on the persons, known for you, or organizations, as in Israel, and abroad, for which theme and assignment of a Conference can present interest; to inform their contact addresses and telephones.

2. To send us the texts of the messages, theses, of the reports etc. (it is necessary the text and summary (abstracts) on English, plus the text on Russian) and/or your offers both wishes concerning a subject and purpose of the given forum (on English and Russian), and also to inform about the forms of your participation in a virtual forum.

3. To fill and to send us the applied Individual Card..

We shall acquaint regularly all participants with materials of a Conference, current structure of the participants and decisions of Organizing Committee, updating the contents of the site. We hope for discussion of materials which are taking place on this site.

As far as we with you are free in a choice of the contents and kind of materials of a Conference, so we are constrained in the form and way of their representation. We ask you to observe the following technical requirements to registration and transfer to us of materials:

1. The material is sent by parcels (once-through portions). Volume of one portion - no more than 50kb, pages of a format 4. Quantity of parcels unlimited.

2. The parcels is sent on electronic mail, in compressed a kind (if last results in actual compression of files). Use of usual mail or fax is possible, but it is extremely undesirable.

3. The files should be submitted in one of formats DOC, TXT, RTF, HTM. If the graphic materials are separately sent, please, prepare them in a format JPG or GIF. The name of each file to contain your surname (it should is possible in abbreviated form) and serial number of your parcel if them will be a little.

4. On each material, please, mark, whether you agree to transfer it for the publication on the site. In view of your wishes and results moderatibg, the materials will be placed on this site in section MESSAGES.

The materials which are not satisfying to the listed requirements, will not be accepted.



Phone/fax: 972 3 9320224, 972 4 8326765.

Mail: Anatoly Kazarnovsky, St. Lea Goldberg 3/7, Petah Tiqwa, 49447 Israel.

Semen Roitman, 33 Yad le Banim st., Haifa, 32164 Israel.

With the best regards

Organizing committee